HygroSmart I7000XP  HygroSmart

Interchangeable Sensor for Relative Humidity and Temperature

The HygroSmart I7000XP sensor is designed to accurately and reliably measure relative humidity and temperature in a wide spectrum of industrial and heavy industrial applications.

The sensor uses the latest HygroSmart 3 technology, providing excellent performance across a wide customer measurement range and giving rapid field interchangeability to minimize customer maintenance costs, on all Michell HygroSmart based probes and transmitters.

Product Features

  • Relative humidity and temperature measurement
  • Accuracy ±1% RH
  • RH voltage output
  • 30 second field interchangeability
  • Traceable 5-point calibration certificate
  • Ultra high resolution electronics
  • Compact 14mm space envelope
  • Operating range –40 to +85°C
  • Stability ±1% RH per year
  • Suitable for integration into all HygroSmart transmitters and probes

Technical Specification

Performance Specifications
RH measurement range 0 to 100% RH
RH accuracy @ 23°C ±1% RH (5 to 95% RH)
RH thermal coefficient <0.03% RH/°C typical
RH resolution 0.1% RH
RH measurement response time <10 seconds
RH element and hybrid electronics HygroSmart 3 technology
RH long term stability ±1% RH per year
Temperature technology PT100 1/3 DIN*
Temperature measurement range –40 to +85°C
Temperature accuracy ±0.2°C
Temperature resolution Infinite
Recommeded storage range +10 to +40°C
Electrical Specifications
Output signals White housing: 0–1 V
Black housing: 0.2–1 V
Temperature output signal Standard: 3-wire PT100
Optional: No output
Digital output signal I2C interface
Supply voltage range+5 V DC ±1 V
Power consumption 300uA @ 5 V
Operating Specifications
Operating temperature –40 to +85°C
Storage temperature –40 to +85°C
Mechanical Specifications
Housing material NORYL PPO UL94 V0
Dimensions L=33mm, ø14mm
Weight 3g
Electrical connections 7 pins
*Alternative temperature technologies available — consult Michell

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