HG1 Humidity Calibrator

A low-cost, easy to use, fully integrated system for the calibration of dew-point and relative humidity sensors from 2 to 90% relative humidity, -30 to +20°Cdp. The HG1 is configured to operate as a stand alone calibrator or to operate from a dry compressed air supply enabling easy on-site calibrations. The calibrator features an integrated chilled mirror reference instrument to enable the operator to perform calibrations that are traceable to national standards. The chamber cover can be customised to suit the transmitters and sensors being calibrated.

Product Features

  • Simple operation and maintenance
  • Range 2 to 90% RH, -30 to +20°C dew point
  • Built in precision chilled mirror reference instrument
  • Reference accuracy ±0.2°Cdp
  • Transportable to allow on-site calibrations

Technical Specification

Model HG1
Calibration Range 2 to 90% RH (-30 to +20°Cdp) @ 21°C ambient
Reference Accuracy Typically ±2% of reading (% relative humidity), 0.2°Cdp, 0.1°C ambient temperature
(with Optidew reference hygrometer)
Calibration Through traceable calibration of integrated Optidew reference hygrometer, to NPL and NIST
Operating Temperature +10 to +35°C ambient
Power 90 to 120 V AC @ 60Hz or 220 to 260 V AC @ 50Hz
Calibration Chamber Steel with gasket seal, 120 x 120 x 250mm (h x w x d)
Overall Dimensions Painted aluminium case, 305 x 520 x 400mm (h x w x d)
Sample Flow Rate 4 Nl/min for the sensor cell
Weight 20kg



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