Cut out the waiting with the MDM300 Advanced Dew-point Hygrometer


  • Repeatedly fast measurements in less than 10 minutes for T95 down to -70°C dp
  • Long battery life: more than 48 hours of typical usage between charges
  • Best in its class: 1°C dp accuracy
  • External 4-20mA device input for dewpoint, temperature or pressure transmitters
  • Bluetooth connection for trouble-free download of data
  • Versatile sampling systems enable measurements of up to 400 bar
  • Easy operation - just switch on and measure

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Compressed Gas Breathing Air Drying Of Plastics
Military / Defense General Engineering Power Generation Beverage Industry General Gases

  • Monitoring of desiccant dryers for compressed air or plastic moulding equipment
  • Moisture measurement in high-voltage switchgear quench gas
  • Dew point in natural gas, process and pipeline
  • Industrial gas
  • Medical gas quality checks
  • Dew point measurement in Metallurgy applications


The MDM300 uses Michell's ceramic impedance sensor, which is constructed using state-of-the-art thin and thick film techniques. Operation of the sensor depends upon the adsorption of water vapour into a porous nonconducting "sandwich" between two conductive layers built on top of a base ceramic substrate. The active sensor layer is very thin - less than one micron and the porous top conductor that allows transmission of water vapour into the sensor is less than one nano-metre. The resulting sensor responds rapidly to changes in moisture - both in detecting moisture and also when being dried. It is very rugged and gives 1°C dew point accuracy coupled with excellent long-term reliability and stability.