Urządzenia z Chłodzonym Lustrem

Urządzenia z Chłodzonym Lustrem
Wilgotnościomierze z chłodzonym lustrem firmy Michell to precyzyjne urządzenia do zastosowania w laboratoriach jak i aplikacjach przemysłowych. Fundamentalna metoda pomiaru punktu rosy sprawia, że są to urządzenia rzetelne i stabilne zarówno w aplikacjach przemysłowych jak również jako urządzenia referencyjne przy kalibracji innych czujników wilgotności.

Optidew - Chilled Mirror HygrometerOptidew - Chilled Mirror Hygrometer
The Optidew 401 and Optidew 501 are chilled mirror hygrometers, designed as successors to the original Optidew instruments. The Optidew 401 is a bench top model, replacing the Optidew Vision. The Optidew 501 is wall mounted to replace the Optidew transmitter, but offer an option to have the same touch-screen interface as the Optidew 401 for easy local operation. There is also a transmitter version of the Optidew 501 without a display.

Optidew - High Performance Optical Dew-Point TransmitterOptidew - High Performance Optical Dew-Point Transmitter
Supplied in a rugged wall-mount enclosure, making it ideal for industrial applications, or outdoor installation. Features a remote sensor with ±0.2°Cdp accuracy (±0.15°C optional) over its -40 to +90°C dew point measurement range.

Optidew Vision - Fundamental, Accurate and virtually Drift-Free Dew-Point MeasurementOptidew Vision - Fundamental, Accurate and virtually Drift-Free Dew-Point Measurement
The Optidew Vision has the same wealth of features as the Optidew, but is supplied in a bench-top package with a carry handle, making it perfect for laboratory use.

S4000 Remote - Precision Laboratory Dew-Point HygrometerS4000 Remote - Precision Laboratory Dew-Point Hygrometer
Features a monolithic sensor block for mounting in climatic chambers and other controlled environments, and provides excellent stability, reproducibility and ±0.1°C accuracy across its -80°C to +85°C dew-point measurement range.

S4000 TRS - Precision Dew-point HygrometersS4000 TRS - Precision Dew-point Hygrometers
Designed for very dry dew point measurements to -100°C (-148°F) with ±0.1°C accuracy. It features excellent stability and reproducibility across its entire measurement range, and is used in calibration and standards laboratories worldwide.

S8000 Integrale - High Performance Chilled Mirror DewpointmeterS8000 Integrale - High Performance Chilled Mirror Dewpointmeter
Features an integrated sensor head allowing measurement in the range of -60°Cdp to +40°Cdp, combining the measurement sensitivity and ±0.1°C dew point accuracy of the RRS system.

S8000 Remote - High Precision Chilled Mirror HygrometerS8000 Remote - High Precision Chilled Mirror Hygrometer
With its compact remote sensor design, the S8000 Remote is the perfect reference instrument in environmental applications and climatic chambers. It features ±0.1°C accuracy across its -40 to +90°C dew-point measurement range.

S8000 RS - High-Precision Chilled Mirror HygrometerS8000 RS - High-Precision Chilled Mirror Hygrometer
Our flagship chilled mirror hygrometer, capable of measuring as low as -90°C dew point in a compact, lightweight package. The sensor head is optimised for fast response to low moisture levels and features the RRS system for high sensitivity and a dew-point accuracy of ±0.1°C.