Puur gas restvocht transmitter
Easidew comms kit Deze kleine transmitter is een robuuste, autonome vochtmeter special ontworpen voor het meten van restvocht in uiterst zuivere gassen.

De Pura is er in 2draads, 3-draads en gevaarlijke zone versies. Is eenvoudig te installeren,en volleddig naar specifieke wensen te configureren.

Product Bijzonderheden

  • Meetbereik tot -120° dauwpunt (1ppbV)
  • Stabiele en herhaalbare meting
  • Analoge en digitale uitgang
  • Eenvoudig te installeren
  • VCR process connectors
  • Optionele display / alarm unit
  • Compact ontwerp
  • Snelle response tijden
  • Optioneel gevaarlijke zone goedkeuring
  • Service omruil programma

Technische specificatie

Sensor Type Michell Advanced Ceramic Moisture Sensor
Range -120 to -40°Cdp (calibrated from -100 to -40°C)
Accuracy ±1°C from -40 up to -60°Cdp
±2°C from -60 up to -100°Cdp
±4°C from -100 to -120°Cdp (estimated)
Operating Pressure Minimum 10-7 Pa (10-9 torr)
Maximum 24 MPa (240 barg)
Operating Temperature -40 to +60°C
Flow Rate 1 to 5 Nl/min
Power Nominal 24 V DC, 10-28 V DC maximum current 25 mA 2 or 3-wire configuration
Output PUR-TX-2W: 4 to 20mA 2-wire
PUR-TX-3W: 4 to 20mA 3-wire
PUR-AOL-SEN only: Digital String (RS485)
Cable with Display PUR-OL & PUR-IS-OL: 2m (standard) / 5 or 10m (optional)
PUR-AOL: 2m (standard) / 5 or 10m (optional)
Sensor Block Premium and OEM version: Cold drawn stainless steel, 0.1 - 0.2 Ra µm electro-polished internal finish
Pressure Connections Premium and OEM version: ¼" male VCR connection
Pura Sensor version: ½" male VCR connection
Installation Profile Premium and OEM version: 120mm pitch, drop in across gas port face seals
Zero pipe clearance required
2 off M4 x 0.7, 7mm deep mounting holes in block, diagonally opposed at 20 x 20mm pitch
Pura Sensor version: fits into user's ½" VCR configured port
Overall Dimensions Premium and OEM version: 120 x 35 x 150mm (w x d x h)
Pura Sensor version: 132 x Ø35mm
Weight Premium and OEM versions: 450g
Pura Sensor version: 180g
Packaging Pura Premium: Double bagged and sealed in UHP inert gas
Pura OEM & Pura Sensor: Single bagged in 1000 gauge polythene
All options: shipped individually in profiled sponge protection and carton
Pura Sensor version supplied with protective guard over sensor surface for transportation and handling
Service Exchange Available on the Pura Sensor (SEN) ½" VCR connection
MonitorsAdvanced Online Monitor: PUR-AOLOnline Monitor: PUR-OL
Measurement Units °F, °Cdp; ppmV and ppbV with user-selectable range and resolution Simple display defined by 2-wire sensor input
Secondary measurement variable Pressure via external transducer 0-30 MPa (300 variable barg)
Completely user-configurable for any industry standard transducer
Automatic compensation for ppmV and ppbV
ppmV with no line pressure correction input available with PUR-TX-2W & PUR-IS-2W
Power Supply Universal 85 to 265 V AC; 95 to 370 V DC 100 to 240 V AC (+10, -15%) 50/60 Hz
Ingress Protection IP54 (NEMA 12); IP66 (NEMA 4X) for front panel only with optional cover IP65 front panel (IP20 rear panel)
Operating Temperature 0 to +50°C 0 to +50°C
Relays 2 off 10 A / 240 V c/o fully user-configurable: can accommodate full range for selected engineering unit + sensor fault alarm functions Alarm 1 relay: single pole make contact, rating 3 A @ 250 V AC
Alarm 2 relay: changeover contacts, rating 5 A @ 250 V AC
Display Resolution 5 Digit 4 Digit
Outputs: Analogue 4-20 mA fully user-configurable and scaleable for range 0-20 or 4-20 mA fully user-configurable and scaleable for range
Outputs: Digital RS232: provides 2-way communication - full data access to user and total availability of all set-up options RS232: provides 2-way communication - full data access to user and total availability of all set-up options
Power Supply 18 to 36 V AC; 9 to 60 V DC 24 V DC
Relays 1 or 2 further 5 A relays (max 4 in total) n/o type fully user configurable: can accommodate full range + full unit choice + sensor fault alarm functions 1 further optional relay - refer to factory
Outputs: Analogue 0-10 V fully user-configurable and scaleable for range 0 to 10 V output using 500 Ω shunt resistant
Outputs: Digital RS485


Semi-Conductor / Electronics

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