Dew-Point Calibration System
The DCS is a dew-point calibration system designed for the calibration, verification and characterisation of dew-point sensors, transmitters and instruments. The DCS system is a fully self-contained, calibration station capable of generating reference dew-point temperatures from -100 to +20°C. Through customisation the DCS system can be PC controlled for automated calibration sequences or manually operated at pre-determined dew-point set points.

Caratteristiche del prodotto

  • Self-contained system
  • Wide measurement range
  • -100 to +20°C
  • Reference Instrumentation calibrated to NIST and NPL Standards

Specifiche Tecniche

Range -80 to +20°Cdp
Air Dryer Michell PSD-2 Dryer
Generator Method DG-5 with solenoid controlled needle valves
Reference S4000 RS Cooled Mirror Dewpointmeter
Calibration Flow Rate 2 to 5 l/min*
Range -100 to +20°Cdp
Air Dryer Michell PSD-4 Super Dryer
Generator Method VDS system with mass flow controllers
Reference S4000 TRS Cooled Mirror Dewpointmeter
Calibration Flow Rate 5 l/min**
DCS80 and DCS100
Best System Uncertainty ±0.2°Cdp (k = 2) at +20°Cdp
Set-Point Precision ±0.5 °Cdp
Carrier Gas Oil-free compressed air (compressor supplied)
Operating Temperature +15 to +30°C
Traceability Directly to NPL and NIST
Power 220/240 V or 100/130 V, 50/60 Hz
Housing Wheeled 19" rack system, 1.9m high
Weight 120kg (approx)

For a more detailed specification, please consult Michell Instruments´ Technical Sales Department

*dependent upon generated dew point
**fixed flow


Laboratorio di Riferimento

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