Pura Plus

 In-Line Trace Moisture Event Sensor
The new Pura Plus is Michell Instruments response to latest changes in the wafer fabrication industry requirements for device size and specification. The Pura Plus is an on-line trace moisture event sensor designed for UHP inert gas applications in semiconductor fabs to allow installation at multiple locations at the final point of entry to the process tool. In the complex distribution system of a fab involving many branches, joints and points of use moisture ingress often takes place downstream of the conventional moisture monitoring point through small leaks, insufficient system design, component failure or via a procedural failures. Installed in the distribution system the Pura Plus provides rapid indication (less than 1 minute) of a moisture event as small as 20 ppb at 1 ppb baseline.

Caractéristiques produits

  • Rapid response to ppb level moisture events
  • Low ppb sensitivity (<1 ppb)
  • Innovative concept for multiple measurement point installations
  • Low maintenance
  • Traffic light status indicator
  • Programmable warning and alarm set-points
  • Modbus network compatible
  • Multi-channel software for remote interface PC
  • Ultra-high purity (UHP) gas line specification
Pura Plus

Spécifications techniques

Response Speed <1 minute for a 20 ppb moisture event in 1 ppb base
Moisture Range 1 ppb to 20,000 ppm
Pressure Range 0 to 10 barg absolute
Pressure Rating 300 barg absolute
Leak Tested To 0-9 mbar l/sec
Operating Flow Range 1 to 10 l/min
Operating Temperature +5 to +40°C
Storage Temperature +30 to +70°C
Power Supply 20 to 28 V DC
Power Consumption 5 W max
Fus Rating for any External Fuse 500 mA Quickblow
Data Output Modbus ASCII on 2-wire RS485
Warning and Alarm Outputs 2 open-collector transistors
Maximum Voltage 40 V DC
Maximum Current 100 mA
Materials exposed to gas
Housing Material Stainless Steel AISI316L VAE, electropolished <10 Ra surface finish
Sensor Construction Aluminium oxide dielectric, gold upper plate, aluminium lower plate
Internal Volume 4.4cm³
Weight 450g
Gas Connections 1/4" male VCR
Electrical Connections 9-pin D-type male connector
Electro-Magnetic Compatibility EN50081-2 and EN50082-2


Semi-Conductor / Electronics

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