Cooled Mirror Instruments

  Cooled Mirror Instruments Michell’s Cooled Mirror dew-point hygrometers are precision instruments for critical measurement and control applications. The fundamental nature of this method means that Cooled Mirror instruments can be used as either extremely reliable and stable field instruments or as laboratory reference standards for the calibration of other devices. Michell provides many Cooled Mirror images for many different applications and industries.

Products in this section

S8000 RS High-Precision Chilled Mirror Hygrometer S8000 RS
The S8000 RS chilled-mirror sensor directly measures the formation of condensation, giving long-term and unmatched, drift-free readings of dew-point and relative humidity.
S8000 Remote S8000 Remote
A hygrometer offering a combination of a market-leading ±0.1°C accuracy with the flexibility of a remote sensor..
S8000 Integrale S8000 Integrale
A high-precision, high accuracy hygrometer, offering very high sensitivity to changes in moisture content...
S4000 Remote S4000 Remote
The S4000 Remote is a precision laboratory dew-point hygrometer with the ultimate accuracy,...
S4000RS and TRS S4000 RS and TRS
The precision S4000 Cooled Mirror Dewpointmeters offer unmatched accuracy and reliability in dew...
Optidew Optidew
The Optidew high performance optical dew-point transmitter is based on the proven, fundamental...
Optidew Vision Optidew Vision
The Optidew Vision precision dew-point meter is based on the proven, fundamental optical dew...